The Wedding Crashers

Ready to crash a wedding or rather 'flash' it?  Here are the moves and THE moves to know.  We will be practicing them Sun 6-8 PM and Wed 7-8 PM until the wedding on Aug 20th.  Whether you are on the team or not, come practice!  You know where we will be. 

On Sun Aug 13th we are having the pre-party and final showdown.  What you can throwdown on the 13th will define what we take to the wedding.

Rueda de Casino

Basics:  Guapea, Dame, Enchufla, Vacilala, Adios, Camina
Dame:  Dame con una, Dame con dos, Dame dos, Dame dos con dos, Dame dos con Cuba, Dame directo, Dame con Sabor, Dame arriba
Enchufla:  Enchufla doble, Enchufla y escondate, Enchufla y quedate, Enchufla arriba, Croquette y Aspirina, Amistad
Adios: con la hermana, todo la familia
Vacilala: Sombrero, Setenta, Regresela
Bonus:  Dame p'atras, Dame con Giro, Dame directo con vuelta, Enchufla con Bikini, Adios con cruz, 1st part of Tipitinas, Vaquero


Guapea, Enchufla, Enchufla Doble, Vacilala, Enchufla continuado, Para ti Para mi, Setenta
Bonus: P'abajo, Exhibela, Paseos


Coming soon (with video links)

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