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Practica Journal

Keep track of what you are learning, review and practice on your own!

To help you learn the names and point you toward resources for practice, the Practica Journal give you a reference for what we are currently focusing on in practicas.  You can also find a growing list of figures and resources in the Bookoo Rueda Library.


These are the moves we recommend dancers new to Casino and Rueda de Casino work on mastering before joining a group when we are calling in the 2nd and 3rd hour of practicas.  Having the fundamentals down will make it more fun for you and the group.  We work through these in the 1st hour of each practica and you are also welcome to schedule an individual or small group lesson if you want to fast forward and accelerate your progress.

Guapea, Enchufla, Dile Que No, Dame, P'abajo, Exhibela, Paso de Son, Adios, Vacilala   

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Bookoo Rueda was founded in 2014 on a dare.  That dare became a mission.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization connecting people, communities, and cultures through dance.  We take dance out of the studio and into the community.

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