Bookoo Rueda

Dance is a universal language.  It is also an expression of and an integral part of a culture.

To begin to understand the dance, experiencing the culture is key.   We invite you to explore different aspects of Cuban and Louisiana culture, their connections and their expression through dance.

What we Dance

We strive to keep dance spontaneous, fun, an expression of the moment and of who you are. We mostly dance Casino and Rueda de Casino, including other Cuban dances, regional dances, and different Caribbean rhythms.

What is Casino?

Casino is an elegant, yet seductively playful dance.  Some people refer to it as Cuban Salsa.  Others argue that the dance and the music are distinct from Salsa.   The name comes from Cuban dancehalls, called Casinos and it is usually danced to a polyrhythmic style of dance called Timba.

Rueda de Casino?

Rueda de Casino is Casino danced by pairs in a circle where there is a 'cantante' or caller leading the circle. It is a game of call and response, where the cantante calls the moves and the group responds in unison.

It originated in Cuban dancehalls in the 50's and was popularized worldwide in the 80's by a TV show, A Bailar Casino. Present day, there are Rueda de Casino teams and group throughout the world and several large festivals dedicated to Cuban dance, in particular Rueda de Casino.

Where We Dance

We like to take dance out of the studio and into the community.  We host weekly practicas Uptown and in Central City, are often On The Move dancing at art markets, festivals and in the parks.  We tend toward live music and dancing in random, unexpected places.

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Learn To Dance

Community Practicas

Learn, Practice, party!

Bookoo Rueda community practicas are a chance to come together, relax, and learn to dance through practice.  Meet other dancers, learn something new and have fun.  They are a combination of instruction, guided practice, and open socal dance time.   

New Dancers come early!  We go through the fundamentals of Casino and Rueda de Casino and call some basic Ruedas in the first hour.  To jump in with the group on songs called after the 1st hour, you will need to have the basics down.   Remember its a social thing - bring refreshments and snacks to share.

2017 Spring Schedule: 

7-10 PM  Sun | Uptown $5 --In City Park through June!
FPCNO 5401 S Claiborne Ave
Entrance is behind the church on Prieur St and we are upstairs in the fellowship hall.

6-9 PM Wed | Central City Free
Ashe CAC 1712 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd
There are 2 entrances. If we are not on one side, check the other.

See Contact for a Map of our Locations

Check the Calendar - We tend to move around!

Individual & Group Lessons

An Alternative to Traditional Classes
Accelerate your learning, focus on specific goals, and set your own schedule.  
Submit a request for a single session or a series.  We will refine the details, confirm and then get started!

Mon - Sun 10 AM - 9 PM, 
excluding Sun 3:30 - 9 PM and Wed 5 - 9 PM
Availability Varies, 50-minute sessions.

Suggestions will be provided when you submit a request.

If you want to work on Rueda de Casino or set up a lesson with a small group, pull together the group and submit a request together.

Individual Lessons $20-45 
Group Lessons $10-$25 per person
These are discounted prices offered to Bookoo Rueda members.  For information on membership, click here

Interested in booking us for a corporate or private event or a class series in your school or community center?  Contact us for information on availability and pricing.

Ready to start?  Submit a Request

(504) 621-0746
New Orleans, Louisiana

Bookoo Rueda was founded in 2014 on a dare.  That dare became a mission.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization connecting people, communities, and cultures through dance.  We take dance out of the studio and into the community.

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